Online Post Processing Session - Arpan Das

Many photographers take beautiful images in the field but get confused how to process your images. I will be happy to help and teach you my way of processing with the most advanced and modern days techniques. In my opinion post processing is something which will help you to stand out from the crowd. 

This could be done in 2 ways. First is we do a skype session where I show my processing or I can record the whole processing and send it to you. I prefer the later. 

The hourly rate is 60$/hour.

The session is applicable for any level, whether you are just a beginner or have some advanced levels. You have to share some of your raw images which I will process or alternatively you can select one of my raw images. 

Some of the techniques which I will be covering are 

-Preparing your raw file using Adobe Camera Raw(ACR) or Lightroom(LR)

-Advantage of using Smart Object

-Local and Global Adjustment in ACR/LR

-Applying White Balance using Luminosity Masks

-HSL sliders 

-Color seperation 

-Color harmony or Color theory 

-Directing light based on the reality 

-Advanced dodging and burning 

-Correcting Scale 

-Warping and perspetive Correction 

-Color Balance, selective color 

-Saturating and desaturating different part of the image using advanced luminosity masks 

-Light Bleed 

-Blue hour blending 

-Full astrophotography techniques 

-Sharpening for web and printing 

-Panorama stitching