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Starting from 2019 I am offering one-on-one photo tour or for a group consisting of very few people. During this trip I will take you to some unique locations I found previously or we will explore something totally new (you choose). You will also have the opportunity to learn how I approach different locations in terms of weather, google earth view, composition, light, field of view etc. Also you will learn how I process my images from the very beginning till the end. You can customize the trip in terms of what you want to shoot e.g. Sunrise, Sunset, Night Sky and how much hours of processing. Feel free to contact me for the possible locations and any questions you might have. 

I personally enjoy teaching 1-1 to workshop more than a group workshop as this can be totally customized according to student's prior knowledge and there are more possibilities to teach than a group workshop. I can assure you will be benefited the most in this kind of 1-1 interaction.