Private Customized Photo Tours

Possible Locations: The Alps (Switzerland, Italy, France and Austria) and the Dolomites 

Number of days: 1–7 days 

Groups size: 1 (preferable) - 3 

Price-Upon agreement

I am currently offering one-on-one photo tour or for a small group (max 3 people). For now, I am offering guidance only in the Alps (it could be Switzerland, France, Italy or Austria) and the Dolomites. The trips are fully customizable in terms of number of days, whether you just want a guidance in the field or both in the field and processing, how much hike you are willing to do, whether you are interested in a backpacking trip etc.  During these tours I will take you to some unique locations I found previously, or we will explore something totally new, upon agreement. You will also have the opportunity to learn how I approach different locations in terms of weather, Google Earth view, how I scout possible compositions etc. Also, you will learn how I process my images from the very beginning till the end. You will also have the chance to learn how to use drones for unique view and compositions in Landscape Photography. You can customize the trip in terms of what you want to shoot e.g. Sunrise, Sunset, Night Sky and how many hours of processing. I can assure you will be benefited the most in this kind of one to one interaction rather than a big group workshop. 

Feel free to contact me for the pricing, possible locations and any questions you might have.