Previous workshop testimonials

"Had one of the best experiences of my life spending a week in the Canadian Rockies for the Winter Magic Workshop. Arpan made the week filled with learning and incredible adventures. He was patient with everyone no matter the skill level, and helped every single person hands on during shoots and in post processing. We went to some of the most beautiful and photogenic spots in Banff, Yoho and Japser National Park, and Arpan showed us the best compositions in each area and the techniques of shooting. Outside of photography, Arpan also built a personal connection with all of us, and is one of the most easy going and fun person I've met. I was already comfortable shooting in manual and with post processing before the trip yet I still learnt a ton. I definitely want to do another workshop with him and I would recommend this for everyone no matter what skill level."- Bill Yao

"I spent a week learning photography with Arpan. We travelled in the Canadian Rockies capturing frozen lakes, sunrises, sunsets, stars & many mountains. Arpan is very knowledgeable, teaching compositions that compliment every part of the landscape. He follows up his teaching with amazing post processing techniques. I encourage anyone to participate in his workshops. I learnt a lot from Arpan & look forward to shooting with him again in the future."- Michael Piercy

I took workshop with Arpan and some other photographers in Banff. He was the only one using Nikon so we got to talk and know each other very well over the week. I was really impressed how much knowledge someone can have about technique, cameras, composition and post process too. I learned a ton about different compositions and how to find them thanks to him. He showed me to look differently on different spots. He taught me how to focus stack and when is the right time to do, I also learned how to shoot night sky. He is a master of night sky shot. The hardest part for me is post process and he walk me thru it in very easy and understanding way so I can use all the new technique I learned. So if you are looking to improve your skills, learn to new techniques, interesting in nigh photography or want to get better at post process, I would highly recommend to attend one of his workshops. It’s very worth it. - Alexandra Janikova